Thinking About Promotional Product And Your Customer’s Lifestyle

Bottle ConversationSomeone asked me the other day why Imagine Promotional Group recently chose to rebrand and why we thought it was necessary? Being that rebranding is a ton of work, we did not make this decision lightly.

Our number one reason for rebranding is
that we want to stand out from the rest. Nothing new there, right? But, it is how we want to stand out from the rest that I want to share with you.

IPG has always made a conscious effort to help our customers use branded merchandise effectively to help grow their business via their brand. We strongly believe in utilizing useable branded merchandise that is not easily tossed, useable items that keep your brand in front of the end user.

Take this concept one step further. Why not put your marketing dollars towards branded merchandise that easily fits in to your customer’s every day lifestyle? Make it not only useable, but interesting, cool and thoughtful. Ultimately, we want to help our customers elevate their brand by elevating the type of branded merchandise they use when promoting their company.

Do we sell pens, mugs and tee shirts? You betcha. But that’s obvious isn’t it?  If you’re going to spend precious marketing dollars on your brand, we want to help you make it effective. Are pens, mugs and tee shirts still effective? Of course they are. But just like our team here at IPG, we want to help you stand out from the rest.

Keep an eye out for our monthly “hot picks” here. We hope they’ll be a source of inspiration.


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