Looking back on how it all started …


This week is “Promotional Products Work” Week hosted by our industry association Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). It’s purpose is to recognize the importance of promotional product as a powerful and effective medium.

It’s this week every year that makes me reminisce about how Ray and I got our start in this fun and creative industry. We jumped in with both feet some 20+ years ago and never looked back. At the time I don’t know that we knew just how much fun we would have, so much fun, that in 2003 we opened our own promotional products business. The rest as they say, “is history”.

The industry has changed over time but the one thing that remains constant is just how effective promotional product is. Just one example of it’s effectiveness is shown in a two part study designed by PPAI. In this study it was noted that 94% of people surveyed could recall a promotional product they had received in the past two years. 89% could also recall the advertiser. Now that’s effective!

Our favorite parts of this industry are many … the creativity when given a challenge to find just the right item at just the right price; our customer relationships and industry friends; and of course seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they’re presented with a fun and useful promotional piece. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Keep an eye out for our monthly new Hot Picks items coming June 1st. Lots of creativity coming your way!


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