Focus your efforts on customer retention.

Often times companies focus on looking outside their customer base to bolster business. While this is one strategy, looking at customers already within your grasp can be an even more effective path to generating more business.

RetentionScience_smallLook at the numbers. It is said that 80% of your future profits will come from 20% of your existing customers. Are you effectively making meaningful inroads within your existing customer base? There’s more business to be had.

Consider the idea that existing customers are easier to sell to. If you already have a solid relationship within an organization, take the next step and ask for a referral within that company. Who does your contact know within the company that may need your product or services? Solid relationships combined with great product and stellar customer service will only increase your chances of a referral.

At Imagine Promotional Group, we utilize self promotion pieces to help with both customer retention and to reach new prospects. We like to send little reminders of useable and clever promotional product that shows the effectiveness of branded merchandise. We’ve found that in the promotional products industry, our clients don’t need us, until they need us, and when they do, we hope that the effective piece of branded merchandise sitting on their desk will be just the reminder to give us a call … or a referral.

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