5 reasons mentoring helped my business

mentorMentoring someone has always been on my list of things I’d like to do … some day. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to mentor on a personal or business level so when I ran across the mentor program through the Business Department at Sonoma State University I took it as a sign that now was the time. That was back in 2013. So why am I writing about this now? The good that came from my being a mentor continues to this day. Here’s why: Continue reading

Trending for Fall …

“Athleisure” … have you heard of it? It’s where “fitness meets fashion” … where you can “go from work to workout with comfy leggings, a tech sweatshirt and a great sneaker”. Sounds like a headline from one of those fashion magazines at the checkout stand, doesn’t it? It’s basically the clothes most of us love to live in! Continue reading