“Where is the ‘away’ in throw away?”

That’s the question Mary Wallace and Linda Lannon, co-founders of People Towels ask you to ponder when throwing away paper towels. The “away”in “throw away” of course is landfill where it takes years for product to decompose. In comes the idea of People Towels, a sustainable, on-the-go alternative to paper towels.

People Towels StatsPaper towels are just one of many products that are used once and thrown away. Just think. If everyone carried a personal hand towel on them we could reduce landfill waste, save trees, cut C02 emissions and conserve water. Made of 100% organic Fair Trade Cotton these towels can be customized with your logo showing the customer that your business cares about environmental sustainability.

So next time you’re out and about, do as the founders at People Towels say, choose to re-use and B.Y.O.Towel. The perfectly green, lifestyle product. For more information, check out their video below:

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