Using Variable Data to Optimize Your Marketing Efforts

When people think of variable data as part of a marketing strategy, we generally relate it to contests and printed material. We think of things like a postcard received in the mail declaring “Congratulations Jane Jones, you’re the lucky winner of a trip for 2 to Cancun!”

Not just for print materials anymore, variable data, when combined with the right promotional product, can be an effective tool for optimizing your targeted marketing efforts. What exactly is variable data? Variable data today refers to a form of digital printing where information (text, images, numbers, graphics etc.) can change from one piece to the next. Variable data helps build your relationship with your customer through personalization.

Variable data can:

• amplify targeted marketing promotions
• create more customized marketing pieces
• strengthen the relationship with your customer through personalization
• increase response rates and times

Beyond just customizing names, variable data can come in the form of changing text and graphics to meet the needs of the company brand.

Here are a couple of promotional product team favorites, all available with variable data.

custom kit openThis custom molded tech kit can showcase your brand in fully-tailored designs to impress and captivate your client. Each kit carries a powerbank, flash drive, and a multi-device connector cord that can take the shape of any logo, character, or branding concept. All pieces are available to have their own unique individual molds. Want to add variable text, graphics or names to the piece? We can do that too! Click here for more product info.

Leeds MugThis 16 oz. grotto ceramic mug is available in black and white. The matte finish body and natural wooden handle can be customized with your logo as well as personalized with your clients or employees names right on the handle. A clever way to solve the mystery of “who’s cup is that?”

It’s time to look at Infinlityour brand in a whole new light. Infinlit is one of the most energy efficient and innovative light bulbs in the world. The Infinlit is a safe, long-lasting LED, and artistically customizable , dimmable lightbulb without the dimmer switch. Its ingenious and easy design provides a new way to dim your lights by simply adjusting the brightness using the existing ON/OFF light switch in your home or office. Also available with variable data. Click here for more product info.

So remember, the more you know about your customer the more customized your marketing piece can be. Personalization helps speak directly to your client with a custom message and can be another effective marketing tool to help reach your target audience.

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