Too many beach towels? I think not.

Woman with Yellow TowelI don’t know about you, but my linen closet is filled with beach towels. Lots and lots of beach towels. Beach towels (like water bottles) are one of those things where I can honestly say, I never met a beach towel (or water bottle) I didn’t like. As a result, beach towels spill out of my linen closet every time I open it. One might call me a hoarder of beach towels. I prefer to think of myself as a “collector”.

Here’s how I look at it. The more broken in (read worn) the towel, the more it becomes my favorite. It’s not just that the towels are faded, soft and perfectly broken in, I like to think that each towel has its own story. Some are sentimental (from a family reunion), some are reminders of great trips to destinations far away. There are those that were event give aways. There’s the towel I took with me to college, the one my Mother In Law gave to me “just because” and the friends towel I came home with by mistake from a camping trip (never to be returned of course).

Google Beach TowelAm I unique in my love of a good beach towel? I think not. True story. Not long ago I was with my brother Jon and his family at a hot spring in Northern California and out comes a beach towel that we had from when we were kids!! And you know what? This towel was just as cool now as I remember it being from when we were little. Well … maybe not as cool, but I tell you the memories that came flooding back because of that towel were great!

If my story’s not enough to convince you that branded beach towels are a spectacular way to get your brand out there, and stay out there, check out these stats. Beach towels:

  • ¬†last an average of 15 years (or more in the case of my brother’s towel!)
  • make great unisex gifts for all ages
  • have the largest imprint area of virtually all promotional products
  • are easy to order since once size fits all

So as the weather begins to warm here on the west coast and your mind starts drifting towards Summer, consider branded beach towels for your next promotion.¬† Guaranteed you won’t regret it.

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