10 most outrageous items in this year’s Oscar swag bags

What’s in that bag of swag?

As we gear up to watch the 89th Oscars this Sunday February 26th, have you ever wondered what exactly is in the swag bag presented to the host and nominees in the top 5 Oscar categories? Themed “Everyone Wins”, here’s a peek at 10 of the most outrageous items in this year’s Oscar Nominees bags, each valued at more than $200K. The intention behind these bags is that even if a nominee “loses”, they go home a winner.

Although your corporate swag bag may be on a somewhat smaller scale than those provided to the rich and famous, it’s still an opportunity to effectively reach your target audience so they too can go home “a winner”. That begs the question, what should be in a swag bag and what items will make your brand stand apart from the rest?

Swag BagFirst and foremost, the branded items should be lifestyle oriented. Items that effectively marry brand (ideally) with a sustainable promotional piece. In other words, items that people will use in their everyday life and not easily tossed. The promotional branding industry is filled with “throwaway” items that end up in the landfill more often than not, especially with lower priced items. As a company we choose to combat this by focusing on lifestyle oriented and ethically sourced products that our clients can be proud to put their name on. You can too. It says a lot about your brand. Check out our site to learn more about what we do here.

Secondly, make your bags fun, creative and filled with items to delight your audience. Have fun with artwork. Make it memorable and your brand will be in the hands of the end user for years to come.

Swag bags are also great as they can encompass different budgets. Though the budget of your bag may not be geared to the  rich and famous, you can still make them effective on a tight budget. Remember, quality and usefulness of items is key. If your budget is tight, it’s still better to give out quality items to fewer people than it is to distribute cheap items destined for landfill.

So remember, setting the tone and having a well thought out strategy behind the contents of the swag in your bag is a great way to convey your brand message.

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