Design by Differentiation

Welcome to our Meet the Maker Series …

At IPG you’ll often hear us say how much we enjoy working with like minded clients in bringing together their branding needs with ethically sourced, lifestyle driven product. In doing so, this provides us with a unique opportunity to be game changers in an industry that is typically known for inexpensive promo items that often times end up in landfill.  In an effort to fight against this uphill battle,  we expend a significant amount of effort in sourcing like minded suppliers who produce quality lifestyle items that are unique to our industry.

In the first of our “Meet the Maker” series, we’d like to highlight one such supplier, City Cut and Sew.  Not only are they known for using durable USA made canvas for their totes, kits and City Cut and Sew Bag 2pouches,  they understand the subtlety of lifestyle branding by turning your logo into a pattern on the inside lining. This, in combination with contrasting zippers, straps and hardware complete the look designed to be in line with your brand, inside and out. President of City Cut and Sew Jim Martin refers to this as “design by differentiation. It takes incredible attention to detail to make epic cool shit.”

Know who you are and who you’re not.

This is key to the City Cut & Sew business model.  “It’s about valuing who we are as a company,” says Martin.  “The minute we acquiesce and try to become like everyone else, instantly, it’s over… whatever we tried to build, is lost.”

The City Cut & Sew line is made in the USA by people who take their craft seriously and turn product into “art”. Click here to see why Jim considers his employees to be one of the most important parts of the company’s DNA.

City Cut & Sew is just one of many “makers” in our industry that provide unique, retail and lifestyle branded items designed to be in line with your brand.  We continue to support these “makers”,  we hope you will too. Look for more unique maker stories as we highlight them in upcoming blogs.

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