Building company loyalty

Have you ever started a new job and felt totally underwhelmed? Or has your department ever brought in a new hire or training class that lacked enthusiasm during their orientation and training period?  We have experienced both these situations and it wasn’t because the company or job itself was lame.

Building company loyalty

We’re not here to tell you that cool swag will help you retain millennials longer than the typical 2 year stint. We are here to tell you that lifestyle branding will help your employees self-identify as a member of your team (+ company) more quickly.

Let’s go back to that new hire and say she’s completed her paperwork, introduced to her new co-workers and started her training. After a couple of weeks she has her own desk and is expected to begin working on her own. Pretty normal workplace scenario, right? What if we add an element of surprise and include a nice little welcome package on that desk? Now in week-three of being onboarded, Suzie Employee is excited again. That’s leading with enthusiasm!

Building the perfect kit

What to put in this excitement-inducing kit? Check out our top 5 lifestyle products for team building. And when we we say lifestyle product, we mean an item that actually gets integrated into that employee’s life vs shoved in a desk drawer.

Patagonia Better SweaterOne. The perfect hoodie, preferably in a retail brand. We love Patagonia for their sustainability mission, plus their Better Sweater is a staple that has perfect appeal for casual office days or weekends at Golden Gate Park.


Alternative Apparel teeTwo. The perfect tee. The tee, along with the hoodie can make up a twenty-something’s entire weekend wardrobe, so don’t mail this one in. Choose a 50/50 or tri-blend material and keep branding subtle and cool. Tall order, huh? Can’t go wrong with this team fav – Alternative Apparel’s cotton/poly blend.


RetapThree. Another vital component is the ubiquitous water bottle, and with so many options it’s tough to choose. We embrace sustainable branding by pairing quality materials with modern simplicity, so this Retap glass bottle is our top choice.


Desk SetFour.
This may seem a little old school, but hear us out: you need a cool desk set. Yes, we said desk set. These color coordinated options have inspired us to spruce up our workspace and will add a splash of fun and color to your welcome kit.

Commuter Journals




Five. Finally, onboard your next training class by making it easy and (dare we say) fun to take notes. These California-made flexible journals are our go-to for arming teammates and clients with ample writing space. Bonus points for the full-color imprinting options that turn a typical journal into a true lifestyle piece.


Thirsty for more ideas or want to see the rest of our list? Click here to start a project or brainstorm about your next branding campaign!



Design by Differentiation

Welcome to our Meet the Maker Series …

At IPG you’ll often hear us say how much we enjoy working with like minded clients in bringing together their branding needs with ethically sourced, lifestyle driven product. In doing so, this provides us with a unique opportunity to be game changers in an industry that is typically known for inexpensive promo items that often times end up in landfill.  In an effort to fight against this uphill battle,  we expend a significant amount of effort in sourcing like minded suppliers who produce quality lifestyle items that are unique to our industry. Continue reading

Retail Brands Your Employees Will Love

‘Tis the season to think about gift giving…and stressing out over what to get for your employees.

We know that shopping for people in the office can be difficult, so we’ve put together a list of 6 great retail brands for bosses to get their employees. Contact us at  for product detail, branding opportunities and pricing.

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Dining in or dining out … do it in style.

This week marks the first week of Summer 2016 and that means outdoor activities are in full swing. Whether dining in or dining out, here are some fun branded items to consider as key client and employee gifts.

growler setHere in Sonoma County, craft breweries are popping up all over the place.  They’re seemingly outpacing wineries. A fun way to bring home a jug of your favorite brew is with this branded growler tote with growler set.   Planning a jaunt to Sonoma County as an incentive for your team? Check out  Northbay Brewery Tours and visit some of our favorite local breweries. Team favorites include: Continue reading

What can you not afford?

When a company preps for an event and thinks about incorporating promotional product in to the mix, the question inevitably comes up “what can we afford?” More importantly, the toddyquestion should be “what can we not afford?” What you give out to prospects and employees is a direct reflection of your brand. Cheap product can be misconstrued as cheap brand.

When preparing for an event, keep in mind that the most effective promotional product is tangible, quality, long lasting and sustainable. Check out our monthly hot picks for inspiration.


Everything You Need to Know About Bike To Work Month

From our friends at PureFix Cycles.

May is a magical time. Spring is in full swing, sunny skies mean more fun and outdoor activities. That’s why cities, counties, and companies all over the country celebrate the change in the weather with National Bike to Work Month!


Bike To Work Month is one of the coolest events of the year that was created to encourage people to commute to work by bike.


Bike To Work Monday – Throughout May 2016
Bike to Work Week – May 16-20, 2016
Bike to Work Day – May 20, 2016 *Biggest day of celebration


  1. Participate in the National Bike Challenge the Challenge and win prizes! The Challenge was created by People For Bikes and is a free and easy way to challenge yourself, colleagues and the greater community to ride more. All you need to do is register your company or organization, have your employees sign up and log in the distance that the ride. It goes from May-September and prizes are awarded every month! See the rules here.
  2. Create an internal employee challenge: top 3 riders with the most mileage win a Pure Fix bike!
  3. Start an afterwork bike club
  4. Hold team meetings in the park
  5. Host a company breakfast party on Bike To Work Day for people who biked


Everyone. From Fortune 500 companies like 3M and Microsoft to small businesses and startups. Check out the states below to see how much bike commuting is growing. It’s crazy!

“From 2000 to 2013, the number of bicycle commuters in the U.S. grew by more than 62 percent.”

— The League of American Bicyclists


“I never give up … it drives my wife crazy!”

ryan-We recently had a fun opportunity to talk with the owner of a new favorite supplier, Ryan Monson of American Gear Company (AGC).  AGC is a manufacturer of high end custom skateboards, surfboards, snowboards and promotional items, all made in the USA. Here’s a chance to get to know more about Ryan …

American Gear Company: rooted in 1997
Founder: Ryan Monson
Employees: 14

What was your first job and how did it shape you?

In 9th grade I started working at a movie rental store.  I always liked to work and this gave me an opportunity to finally make some money.  It was a good feeling to tell my dad I couldn’t mow Continue reading

5 ways to help create (and promote) sustainably focused marketing promotions

green is the new blackEvery day we are faced with decisions in our business practices which directly affect environmental sustainability. Words that come to mind when I think of environmental sustainability include endurance, environmental protection, conservation, ethical consumerism and protecting the environment. With that, here are 5 ways you can incorporate eco friendly, sustainably focused decisions in to your marketing promotions. Continue reading