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What can you not afford?

When a company preps for an event and thinks about incorporating promotional product in to the mix, the question inevitably comes up “what can we afford?” More importantly, the toddyquestion should be “what can we not afford?” What you give out to prospects and employees is a direct reflection of your brand. Cheap product can be misconstrued as cheap brand.

When preparing for an event, keep in mind that the most effective promotional product is tangible, quality, long lasting and sustainable. Check out our monthly hot picks for inspiration.


Make An Impression

Every now and then, you meet someone who makes an impression. You think to yourself, “there’s something different about that person.” That’s Bianca.

Bianca WebsiteBianca has been our Sales and Marketing intern at Imagine Promotional Group since Fall of 2015.  As a Business Major at Sonoma State University she will be graduating this weekend and returning to her Southern California roots to start her next adventure.

Bianca definitely brings a sense of team to our group. She’s talented, insightful, hard working, eager to learn and willing to jump in on a moments notice. The list could go on.

While internships are meant to create opportunities for students to gain experience, develop skills and ultimately generate a path to an entry level job, they also produce opportunities for us as employers. We’ve had our share of interns over the years and each of them has been unique and brought something special in to the mix. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Bike To Work Month

From our friends at PureFix Cycles.

May is a magical time. Spring is in full swing, sunny skies mean more fun and outdoor activities. That’s why cities, counties, and companies all over the country celebrate the change in the weather with National Bike to Work Month!


Bike To Work Month is one of the coolest events of the year that was created to encourage people to commute to work by bike.


Bike To Work Monday – Throughout May 2016
Bike to Work Week – May 16-20, 2016
Bike to Work Day – May 20, 2016 *Biggest day of celebration


  1. Participate in the National Bike Challenge the Challenge and win prizes! The Challenge was created by People For Bikes and is a free and easy way to challenge yourself, colleagues and the greater community to ride more. All you need to do is register your company or organization, have your employees sign up and log in the distance that the ride. It goes from May-September and prizes are awarded every month! See the rules here.
  2. Create an internal employee challenge: top 3 riders with the most mileage win a Pure Fix bike!
  3. Start an afterwork bike club
  4. Hold team meetings in the park
  5. Host a company breakfast party on Bike To Work Day for people who biked


Everyone. From Fortune 500 companies like 3M and Microsoft to small businesses and startups. Check out the states below to see how much bike commuting is growing. It’s crazy!

“From 2000 to 2013, the number of bicycle commuters in the U.S. grew by more than 62 percent.”

— The League of American Bicyclists


Too many beach towels? I think not.

Woman with Yellow TowelI don’t know about you, but my linen closet is filled with beach towels. Lots and lots of beach towels. Beach towels (like water bottles) are one of those things where I can honestly say, I never met a beach towel (or water bottle) I didn’t like. As a result, beach towels spill out of my linen closet every time I open it. One might call me a hoarder of beach towels. I prefer to think of myself as a “collector”.

Here’s how I look at it. The more broken in (read worn) the towel, the more it becomes my favorite. It’s not just that the towels are faded, soft and perfectly broken in, I like to think that each towel has its own story. Some are Continue reading

“I never give up … it drives my wife crazy!”

ryan-We recently had a fun opportunity to talk with the owner of a new favorite supplier, Ryan Monson of American Gear Company (AGC).  AGC is a manufacturer of high end custom skateboards, surfboards, snowboards and promotional items, all made in the USA. Here’s a chance to get to know more about Ryan …

American Gear Company: rooted in 1997
Founder: Ryan Monson
Employees: 14

What was your first job and how did it shape you?

In 9th grade I started working at a movie rental store.  I always liked to work and this gave me an opportunity to finally make some money.  It was a good feeling to tell my dad I couldn’t mow Continue reading

Using Variable Data to Optimize Your Marketing Efforts

When people think of variable data as part of a marketing strategy, we generally relate it to contests and printed material. We think of things like a postcard received in the mail declaring “Congratulations Jane Jones, you’re the lucky winner of a trip for 2 to Cancun!”

Not just for print materials anymore, variable data, when combined with the right promotional product, can be an effective tool for optimizing your targeted marketing efforts. What exactly is Continue reading

Subtlety in Branding. When less is more.

When it comes to branding, does bigger equal better? Not always. When well thought out, subtle branding can speak volumes.

Think about this. While your clients may love you, it doesn’t mean they want to be a walking billboard for your logo. Design combined with thoughtful branding is what will make your organization stand out from the competition. Here are a few of our favorite ways to subtlety, yet effectively, promote your brand.

IPG Cut and Sew BagAs a company, we like to promote well made lifestyle items that your clients will want to use for the long term, not the short. This bag for instance, has a clever way of doing just that, featuring your logo custom imprinted on the inside lining. Every time your customer uses their bag, they’ll be reminded of your organization with a subtle and tasteful impression. Continue reading

Meet Gilly Hegenbart!

Gilly_Hegenbart2As our IPG team continues to grow, we are delighted to announce the addition of Gilly Hegenbart as Research Coordinator. (Read more about Gilly’s background in the “About” section of our website).

In the meantime, we asked her a few questions so you can get to know her on a more personal level.

What’s your hidden talent?

Floral Design. I love to play with flowers. I always have fresh flowers in my house. My favorite place to get flowers is from my own back yard.

What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

I once rode a neighbor’s horse without a bridle or saddle. The horse had bucked its owner off and broke his arm. We were supposed to stay away from it, but I rode it with just a rope. It was such a beautiful horse, I couldn’t resist. I was about 7 or 8 years old at the time. Of course that was about the last “risky” thing I have done. I certainly got more cautious with age. Continue reading

Girl Scout Cookies Just Got Even Better!

It’s February, and that means the Girl Scouts will be out in full force selling cookies beginning February 26th. Why mention this? Because who doesn’t secretly love their classic Thin Mint, Somoa, Lemonade or shortbread cookies?

TagalongsHere in Sonoma County, CA we like to pair our Girl Scout Cookies with craft brew. Where we were once known primarily for our wines, we’re now also an established mecca for craft breweries big and small. offers an updated 2016 guide of beer pairings to celebrate the season of Girl Scout Cookies. Being a promotional product company we like to drink them from artisan glasses and pour them from insulated growlers, all branded of course! Some team favorites include this craft beer flight, a stainless steel insulated growler and 16 oz. stainless steel pint.

So as the Girl Scouts prepare to sell you your favorite cookies, grab a box, pour some brew and drink it from your favorite branded pint.

… and don’t forget to let us know your favorite cookie/beer pairing!

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